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May Newsletter

Wow! There's something incredibly exciting about new beginnings, especially when they include milestones that we've secretly hoped for.

Wow! There’s something incredibly exciting about new beginnings, especially when they include milestones that we’ve secretly hoped for.

This past month has been filled with such moments, starting with celebrating the twins’ 18th birthdays.

It was a big surprise joint party, and we were blessed with the hottest and driest day of the year so far.

Our celebration was a multicultural feast, reflecting our diverse backgrounds with American, Greek, Italian, English, and West Indian cuisines.

At one point, my plate held jerk seabass, French fries, pizza, and green salad—an eclectic and delicious mix. My signature Sinittatini Tequila Cocktail was the perfect accompaniment to this delightful spread.

The celebration was made even more special by the presence of the “Angels”—both the original group and the Celebrity Angels. They donned their scarves and eagerly took home samples of Sins Skin Skincare products to try.

The initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially for the cleanser, which was praised for being “amazing, soft, and gentle,” leaving no trace of makeup without the need for scrubbing. This validation, while expected, is still incredibly rewarding.

In addition to celebrating, we’re also planning a series of mini-retreats at my home. These will be opportunities to test out new partner treatments and products in an intimate, relaxed setting.

We’ll even hold a competition to invite two lucky people to join us for a spa day, complete with a lovely brunch and engaging discussions.

The summer has also been a time of renewal at home. I’ve enjoyed refurbishing old furniture and discovering new pieces to create a welcoming space.

The garden, in particular, has become a sanctuary, and it’s been the perfect setting for our new partner, Jenny, to share her knowledge about grounding and earthing.

Her Earthing collection is both educational and beneficial, and soon you’ll be able to purchase her products directly through Sins Angels with a special discount.

On a more personal note, my pup Scarlet fell ill and required surgery, which was quite distressing. Thankfully, she is on the road to recovery and will be back to her playful self soon.

In the midst of these personal events, I’ve also found unexpected joy in watching Britain’s Got Talent this year. The performances have been exceptional and deeply moving, perhaps because I’m more sensitive these days.

Reflecting on the lessons of this month, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies.

Embracing both aspects can make us more confident and assertive. Hyper-femininity can sometimes lead to vulnerability and attract hyper-masculine men, but as we grow and blend these energies, we become better, more powerful women.

This balance allows us to seduce and be seduced, to control and surrender, enhancing our femininity rather than compromising it.

Understanding the sensitivities of men, especially through the tender hearts of our sons, reveals the importance of nurturing these qualities without emasculating them.

As grown, empowered women, we learn to submit and dominate in harmony, showcasing our strength while preserving our femininity.

After all, as the biblical reference suggests, Eve was created from Adam, with God adding all the best bits as part of the update.

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Founder and CEO of Sin’s Angels! Mom, Pop Star, Actress… Black and Mixed American. Spiritual, British educated and trained sensitive extrovert!
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