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About Sin’s Angels

Sin’s Angels was initially created for Sinitta’s most cherished friends, who liked it so much they wanted her to go public and invite all women to share and join in. Our stories and experiences, and yours, held together in this magical community to inspire and champion each other in power, sensuality, business, love and fun. This is a place for us to open up and share everything we were never told and need to know about the next phases of life - this is being a grown ass woman at last!

The launch

I was going to launch Sin’s Angels with a gang of my high-profile friends who you would all know, but then I thought you would all be disheartened and think we’re all rich and famous so we have it easy when it comes to recovering from illness or childbirth, menopause, a divorce, job loss or even Covid. So now, I am launching with a friendship gang that are not famous and yet are all successful in their own way, be it as a mother, jobbing actor, philanthropists, grandmother and more.

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Get the most from your membership

See who is most like you skin type wise. Ask our angels questions, follow them on social media if they seem like your kind of person. Share your stories in our ladies lounge and offer your own wisdom in our magazine. Try our discounted products and treatments and tell us how you found them. Come to our events. Get to know us, sign up and become an Angel too!

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Meet the Angels

We are an eclectic mix of 50+ women including divorced, childless, lesbian, single, dating, celibate, stroke survivors, cancer survivors, from different ethnicities, backgrounds and religions. Scroll through the pictures and click on an Angel to learn more about her.

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Sin's Angels Brand Feature

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How do I become a Sin’s Angel?

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