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Sin's Easter Letter

Hey Lovely Angels!

I have been super busy with life, business and work and can you believe it? Easter is here already, and we've zipped through the first quarter of 2024! 🐣 It's time for a little reflection, a lot of chocolate and celebration. What were your hurdles as we jumped into the new year? What shiny new goals did you set for yourselves?

Isn't it wild how time seems to sprint by, especially as we gather more tasks and dreams on our to-do lists? But hey, let's not forget to live in the moment! 🌟 Our motto for stepping into the next quarter is simple: Keep moving forward, but don't lose sight of the now. After all, this moment is precious and fleeting.

I would like to toast all of you incredible women out there and the countless seasons of life that you gracefully navigate. A special shout out to the inimitable Mrs. Sharon Osborne who graced the Celebrity Big Brother House with her presence. What a brave and magnificent thing to do in your 70’s.
I absolutely love her fearless spirit and her crazy sense of humour. Her appearance has made me really want to branch out and do something unexpected and exciting, a little adventure…
Any ideas?!

To honour celebrating us, Women. I'm thrilled to offer all our fabulous new Sins Angels members an exclusive treat: a three-month free trial membership! That's right, a whole quarter to explore our fabulous range of brand partners and their exclusive treatments, as well as our exclusive Sin's Angels products.

But wait, there's more! 🎉 Your stories matter to us, each and every one. Whether you've tried a product or treatment from our line up or not, we want to hear all about your experiences. Your feedback is our fuel, driving us to make each moment with Sins Angels even more magical.

So, here's to embracing the present, chasing our dreams, and sharing our stories together. Let's make this next quarter one to remember! 🌸✨

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We are an eclectic mix of 50+ women including divorced, childless, lesbian, single, dating, celibate, stroke survivors, cancer survivors, from different ethnicities, backgrounds and religions. Scroll through the pictures and click on an Angel to learn more about her.

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What is Sin's Angels?

Sin’s Angels was initially created for Sinitta’s most cherished friends, who liked it so much they wanted her to go public and invite all women to share and join in. Our stories and experience and yours held together in this magical community to inspire and champion each other in power, sensuality, business, love and fun. Place for us to open up and share everything we were never told and need to know about the next phases of life - this is being a grown ass woman at last!

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