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Happy Summer, Everyone!

Can you believe it’s already mid-year? Time flies, but let’s make the most of it! This month, we’re focusing on some fabulous new partners and introducing innovative treatments to get us all swimsuit-ready. Yes, it’s time to flaunt those legs, arms, and feet!

Introducing Paint and Peel
We are thrilled to announce a new product: Paint and Peel. This amazing treatment is the secret to achieving silky, sexy, baby-soft skin this summer. What’s even better? It’s not just available as an in-salon treatment, but you can also get home kits to do it yourself! Quick and easy to use, with instant results, Paint and Peel is sure to become a summer staple. Plus, we’ll be giving away a few kits to our new members – stay tuned!

Meeting the Community
I’m excited to meet some of our members in person this month. I want to hear your needs, wishes, and any suggestions you have to make our site better. Your input is invaluable, and I can’t wait to connect with you.

My Summer Cleanse
I’m diving into my Summer Cleanse, and it’s a full-on detox: home, car, body, hair, eyes, and even toxic relationships. It’s all about eliminating unnecessary things that hinder growth, health, and happiness. Courage, authenticity, and setting healthy boundaries are my new priorities. It’s time to stop compromising my own well-being for others. This new approach feels like the start of the best days of my life.

Self-Care, Not Self-Sacrifice
Don’t worry, I’m not turning grumpy and old! I’m just committed to not self-sacrificing anymore. It’s about time we all start sticking up for ourselves and maintaining the peace and calm we deserve. Who’s ready to join me on this journey?

Wishing You a Wonderful June
I hope June brings you calm, success, and inspiration, setting up the rest of your year for a smooth and focused ride. Today marks the start of our rejuvenation and reveal for July!

Stay Strong and Keep Going
Remember, if you stumble, don’t give up. Just get back on track. One candy bar won’t derail you – don’t let it lead to six! Forgive yourself and come back stronger. It takes 21 days to break a habit and develop new ones. By the end of June, we’ll be fully in the zone. Amen to that!

We’ve got this!


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What is Sin's Angels?

Sin’s Angels was initially created for Sinitta’s most cherished friends, who liked it so much they wanted her to go public and invite all women to share and join in. Our stories and experience and yours held together in this magical community to inspire and champion each other in power, sensuality, business, love and fun. Place for us to open up and share everything we were never told and need to know about the next phases of life - this is being a grown ass woman at last!

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