sinitta stood in front of angel wings

Meet Sinitta

I am Sinitta, Founder and CEO of Sin’s Angels! Mom, Pop Star, Actress… Black and Mixed American. Spiritual, British educated and trained sensitive extrovert! I am the happiest I have been in my life and so now I want to live forever so that it can last forever!

Meet Sinitta

Home Life...

Home is my favourite place on the planet! I have two teenagers, one of each who both think they are grown up, and an adorable red Toy Poodle. I live in a huge loft in London, the best City in the World. I am a health NUT! Pilates at 6:30 am and celery juice! Walking, chatting to locals, people who love people are my people! I love high end cognac tequilas! After 8 years single I am having so much fun, beautiful romance, amazing sex and love again and it is all better than ever before!

sinitta smiling with dog on her lap

In Business...

Creating Sin’s Angels has made working more fun then having a hobby, I did this for close friends and family for years and it made sense to open up and do it for anyone interested! Meeting people and hearing how they tick and what inspires them and helping people find their best version of themselves is my passion. Trying all the latest greatest products and treatments is mind blowing interesting and of course help me to feel and look great too! I still love singing, performing and acting and doing fun TV Shows. The mini series of us is my dream!

sinitta and 3 friends at a party