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Meet Jenni

I'm Jenni Russell, an accomplished author, former athlete (Britain's fittest woman - record holder of event), and the visionary behind Pelvic Secrets—a transformative intimate programme and book: Six weeks to confidence, continence, and sexual satisfaction! As well as "SHE COMES FIRST," a comprehensive 12-step guide to navigating the magical journey of menopause.

Home Life...

My home life is never without its vibrant events. I embrace an open-door policy, cherishing the art of hospitality through the joy of preparing nourishing meals and entertaining friends, family, and even clients—especially now, as we've reconnected after the challenges of lockdown. There's a unique warmth in sharing good food and creating lasting memories within the comfort of my home. To love and laugh and share a glass of bubbly every now and then.

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Home Life...

When I'm not dedicated to empowering lives, you'll find me immersed in church activities, on the tennis court, on a run, or cruising on my bicycle. My life finds its heart in my faith, my boys, my mother and my love for tennis, all of which I prioritise alongside our weekend rides with friends. I take immense pleasure in knowing that our family's joy revolves around engaging in activities that foster not only social connections but also contribute to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I give thanks for the blessings of loving life, exploring new places through travel, indulging in the world of books, and, most importantly, being there for one another. We love dinners around the table and sometimes in front of the TV if on the rare occasion with choose to enjoy the same show. It’s just one of the joys of life.

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In Business...

Jenni Russell, is a woman dedicated to empowering others in the realm of intimate health and satisfaction. With an impressive 28-year track record and a thriving career as an athlete, Jenni possesses a profound understanding of how to cultivate robust pelvic floor muscles and maintain control throughout all stages of life. Despite celebrating her sixtieth birthday in November 2022, Jenni exudes a boundless vitality that serves as a living testament to her teachings. Jenni pioneered a sensory programme designed for the non-surgical rehabilitation of weakened pelvic floor muscles, providing effective solutions for conditions like pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

She is also a radio presenter on UKHEALTH Radio (Her Health and Happiness). Her mission is to advocate for female intimate health and holistic wellbeing.

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In Business...

Jenni's influence extends far beyond the pages of her self-published books, which have garnered widespread acclaim and reached thousands of eager readers. As a public speaker she has taken the stage at numerous conferences, including the esteemed International Continence Society gatherings in Florence and Las Vegas, showcasing her groundbreaking work. She also a keynote and kickstart speaker for Well-being of Women and Nurses in Practise conference around the UK. As well as Hampshire Womens police health days and Royal college of Midwives poster presentation. Her books have also featured on This Morning television and numerous magazines since 2006.

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In Business...

During the challenges of lockdown, Jenni launched her highly successful "Empowering Lives" program—an eight-step transformative journey for women to reclaim their bodies and lives, surmounting past hurdles, finding purpose, and even venturing into entrepreneurship or authorship. As a natural-born entrepreneur, Jenni challenges conventional methods, providing unique and unconventional guidance and support to both patients and healthcare professionals. She even boasts her own line of faith-based clothing. Currently, Jenni is on the cusp of unveiling an e-learning platform tailored to support women navigating through menopause; “SHE COMES FIRST” - A 12-Step journey to a Magical Menopause.” - enabling women to continue thriving in their professional pursuits. Witness the mastery, fervour, and unwavering faith that define Jenni Russell as she revolutionises women's pelvic health, inspiring them to lead their fullest, most empowered lives.

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