Heather in front of angel wings

Meet Heather

I’m Heather Dorigo, I am enjoying this new decade of my life in Chelsea, somewhere I just love living. I feel incredibly lucky to have 3 beautiful, grown children who are now my best friends, Luca, Todd and Sasha. I also have a little bundle of gorgeousness…. my granddaughter Mimi Rose.

Meet Heather

Home Life...

I followed my dreams by moving to Chelsea, after twenty two years as a northern girl in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire. I found myself divorced and newly single at fifty, what’s a girl to do….naturally, embrace the single life and have fun with all her fabulous friends. I was married to a professional footballer for thirty one years (yep…one of the original wag’s) and have many fun stories to share. I have danced my way through menopause, divorce and dating (and shed a few tears too) …Bizarrely, still not quite ready to settle down 🤣 Living My Best Life! My morning routine starts with a hot water and fresh lemon (all very rock & roll), then checking my WhatsApp’s and emails. I can usually be found walking around Chelsea Harbour (checking out all the hotties) ready to start my working day all bright and breezy! I’m the girl about town and spend a lot of time at events and having dinner with friends being the Leo social butterfly, although… I do love nothing more than to stay home, especially during winter with my open fire blazing, fresh flowers, music and lots of scented candles. Cute and cosy. My three bambini’s have all flown the nest so its a joy to have them come and stay and have fun at my 75A Club :) When they’re away its time to play and I adore having friends over to dance the night away to the Bee Gee’s and ABBA with a cheeky glass of bubbles….🥂

Heather holding baby with trees and lake in background

In Business...

I started my business in 2010 after being the Perfect’ Footballers Wife and mummy for many years. When I was 38, I was very poorly with an illness called Sarcoidosis’ (a rare infection of the auto-immune system) I lost nearly 3 stone in one month and decided to self-heal without steroids. This really kick started my incredible journey in health and wellness. I asked myself, how can ‘Little Me’ sell skincare into the aesthetic industry? I needed my confidence back after twenty years at home, the answer was very clear….drama school for two years! It was one of the best decisions I ever made to take me on this fabulous journey to rediscover myself. I set up a distribution company for skincare and aesthetic devices, clocking up thousands of miles on the M1 and learning that I can hustle! Singing myself senseless to stay awake until the early hours of the morning. I’ve made many changes over the years and I am here to tell you that YOU CAN do it too. I absolutely love being in the aesthetic industry and I can teach what I have learned and bring you new levels of confidence. Sins Angels’ for me is about sharing all my experiences to inspire other woman who want to make change but FEAR stops their dreams coming true. We are only here once so…. FLY HIGH & LIVE THE DREAM….

Heather clutching tree and posing outdoors