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Meet Carol

I'm Carol Veronique, I'm in my fifties and I live in Chelsea in a beautiful apartment overlooking the river; I feel extremely blessed. I'm recently divorced after 27 years of marriage and the proud mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. All living abroad pursuing their dreams...leaving me with more time to pursue my dreams..

Meet Carol

Home Life...

Home life for me is a delightful mix of travel, sports, cultural activities, and socialising. I jet off to Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Australia to visit my children, and when I'm in London, I actively engage in the dating scene. Whether I'm playing tennis, participating in charity events, attending West End shows, or sharing precious moments with my girlfriends, every day is an adventure.

My mornings typically begin with a cup of tea and meditation at 6 am, followed by a series of coffees from my trusty Nespresso machine and a leisurely walk around Chelsea Harbour. Tennis holds a special place in my routine, and I take on the role of captain for a team in Beaconsfield, spending quality hours on the courts with my tennis companions. Socialising is a key aspect of my life—I love cooking for my family, hosting dinner parties and supporting fundraising events for various charities, a tradition I've upheld for the past 30 years.

A London girl at heart! After spending the past 20 incredible years in Beaconsfield and Malibu, I couldn't resist the magnetic pull of London. Now, I'm back in Chelsea, soaking up the energy and enjoying new chapters of my life.

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In Business...

In my twenties, I found myself working as a croupier at Crockfords Casino in Mayfair. Despite having a successful career, I made the choice to transition into the role of a housewife and devoted my time to raising our four children. The initial six years of our marriage were spent in Highgate, but we later moved to Buckinghamshire. In this new chapter, I actively engaged with my children's school, spearheading various fundraising events over the years that contributed substantial amounts to charities such as Cancer Research, Rainbow Trust, RSPCA, and support for children with cancer. For more than a decade, I served as the head of the PTA at my children's school, fostering a sense of community and support.

Throughout our 27-year successful marriage, focused on raising our wonderful children, life took an unexpected turn, leading to a divorce. In the midst of our marriage, I had the privilege of accompanying my ex-husband on his journey to establish a flourishing travel business, The Appointment Group, which took us to various corners of the globe. Living in Malibu for five years provided me with a taste of the 'American Dream.' Returning to London in 2018, I settled in Chelsea and navigated the challenges of divorce with the unwavering support of my friends and family.

Since 1989, I've shared a deep friendship with Sinitta, dating back to the 80s when my ex-husband worked at Fanfare records with Simon Cowell. As a proud member of Sin's Angels, I am eager to lend support and assistance to other women navigating similar life changes. Drawing from my own experiences, I hope to offer solace and encouragement during this significant period in their lives.

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