Unleash Your Glow: Must-Have Beauty Essentials for Your 2024 Routine

Crafting a skincare routine that truly works for you can be a challenge, navigating through the vast array of products and their lofty promises.

Crafting a skincare routine that truly works for you can be a challenge, navigating through the vast array of products and their lofty promises.

As we usher in the New Year, health and wellness experts from Ethos Aesthetics and Wellness have compiled the latest skincare trends to illuminate your skin in 2024.

I spoke with experts at beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha who compiled a know-all guide for hyaluronic acid, debunking the latest skincare favourite found all over social media at the moment.

Skin Streaming: Bid farewell to complex skincare rituals. Skin streaming simplifies your routine, emphasizing only essential products.

By reducing the number of skincare items, your skin breathes freely, ensuring optimal product effectiveness. Say goodbye to confusion and welcome a streamlined approach for skin that’s free from irritation.

Experts advise incorporating a gentle cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and SPF into your simplified routine. Additionally, kickstart your day with vitamin C to brighten your skin and boost collagen.

Skin Flooding: In the quest for healthy skin, hydration takes centre stage. Enter skin flooding—a technique that locks in moisture through lightweight layers of hydrating products like moisturizer and hyaluronic acid.

Follow these steps for optimal results: cleanse, allow the skin to stay damp, apply hyaluronic acid, and seal the hydration with your favourite moisturizer.

Mixing Skincare with Makeup: Effortlessly treat your skin concerns throughout the day by using makeup infused with skincare ingredients.

Enjoy reduced acne risks, shorter prep time, improved tone and texture, and protection from environmental factors.

Opt for makeup with ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. For dry skin, consider products with hyaluronic acid or mix a drop into your foundation for added hydration.

A beauty expert from Fresha commented:

“The beauty industry is hugely influential, with skincare enthusiasts desperate to know the newest ways to revitalise and keep their skin looking young and radiant. There is no doubt that the impact of social media has transformed the way these new techniques are shared and discovered.

This guide is a fantastic way to prove how quickly a new trend can skyrocket into popularity and reveal how you can successfully implement hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine whilst understanding what the substance is and does for your skin.

When exploring new ingredients for your regime, it’s always worth visiting a professional, whether that’s at a salon or spa, to make sure hyaluronic acid is right for your specific skin type.”

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